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The Tcholla

Book 2 of the Houkura Series

David, Mary and Jenny start to wonder about Danika, Finn and Robb, unaware that their friends disappeared near the burned remains of Marjory House.


After a single day on Houkura, Finn, Danika and Robb discover a world of magic and unheard of mystical creatures.Their confrontation with the dark mage Boltza made them realise that it was more important to bring Boltza to justice for Arcken and Gryff than to try to find a way back to Earth.


But before they can seek help from the Ryder People, Gredat succumbs to the Catarbie illness, and the Lousham make a sudden appearance, at Finn's expense. Without prior experience dealing with evil magic wielders, the group realises that their only chance of defeating the dark mage lies with the help of the Tcholla.

Elsewhere on Houkura, Tarheen believes he killed his parents. Enduring various forms of torture from an unknown sadistic dark mage, he is unaware that Krysta and Zoltan have survived and are tracking him.


Sabrina deSouza

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Malalysia, China, Japan, UK, USA
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