Creatures of Houkura

Normally a harmless forest canopy, it has now been changed into a carniverous blood sucking collective of vines that squeeze its prey so that the vine can feed.
Is attracted to light.
Lures its prey with a mimic that resembles a cat and a monkey which is connected to a tree.
The Mimic shoots paralysing darts at its prey before reeling them in to feed the Karach.
A hairy fruit that is harvested by the Impex People.
The yellow/orange pulp inside is squeezed out through the lips.
Cobo theorised that the magically altered rains over the Impex land is mutating the tubo fruit. The hairs around the fruit enters the skin and causes the Catarbie illness.
A small rodent-like animal that is usually harmless and placid, but can become fierce when defending its nests.
A deer-type animal with dark green skin and five horns.
A sheep-like animal that is farmed for its quills. Its teeth act as flints when chewing.
A rodent-type animal that continuously chews things. Usually dies with no teeth.
Harmless insectoid creature that was manipulated by a dark magi. The Loushum is now forced to burrow into its host to learn what it can before being forced to return to its master.
This particular Lousham has attached itself to Finn's spine.
A mythological Houkuran creature. Used to scare Houkuran children from straying into the forest alone.
Having no mouth, the suckers on its "hands" release acidic chemicals that dissolves its food (prey), after which it then immerses its "hands" into the liquified remains to feed.

A mythological Houkuran creature believed to be the nemesis of baracs.
Three sets of wings are required to lift their wasp-like body.
It is unknown if the Weesa's stinger contains any venom.
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