Technology & Magic of Houkura

The Impex People's recylcing toilet system.
To "use": The person does their "business" in the orange vine receptacle.
To "flush": When a flower from the grey vine touches the inside of the orange vine receptacle, the receptacle closes and consumes the contents.
A genetically-encoded transportation device which allows Impex People to travel quickly to another location.
To use:
The Impex adult places the vine tattoo that is on the back of their hand against the teleportation device. The device confirms they can use the portal and opens a gateway for the person to walk through - usually to the Impex Council Chambers.
The cart uses a "sponge" that acts as a shock absorber and suspension that prevents the contents on the cart from being bumped and dissipates the weight load.
Created by Johnto, who wears a leather harness that attaches to the cart for him to pull.
Danika was able to use her "aurua vision" to see the moment when the magically mutated Tubo Fruit hairs infected Gredat with Catarbie.
Various forms of the Forest Changer, Gryff a'Tien.
Gryff's natural form is the purple gelatinous humanoid shape. She can assume any shape. At one point, all Forest Changers were magically forced against their will to change their shape by the thoughts of others.
The dark mage, (known as Boltza) threw a magical fiery bird.
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