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Sylvia & Gerald deSouza

To my inspirations: Mum and Dad!

I used to read to my Dad when I was still a teenager. And I think I inherited my Mum's artistic flair. Thank you for everything!


Charmaine Anderson & Moya Hall

My sister, Charmaine, was there from the beginning (in the waiting room) when I planned out book 1. A great support in helping me develop the story line and acting out my fight scenes and then later with the initial proofing & editing of the entire book. My sister, Moya helped edit a couple of chapters. Thanks heaps, sis!


Rochelle deSouza

My sister, Rochelle, helped me with the illustrations at first (before handing over to Michael) and then with my first attempt at the Houkura web site. Always explaining things to me and supporting me. Thanks heaps, sis!


Michael Lindsey, Cordova Graphics

Michael strikes me as the most enthusiastic illustrator of all time. At times, he is even more enthusiastic about my book than me. He is such a fantastic illustrator, transforming my stick figures and instructions into a work of art. And we've become great friends in the process. Thank you so much!


Dorrie O'Brien

When I first looked around for an editor and put in a sample for Dorrie to edit, I was so overcome with her enthusiasm first and impressed with the sample edit that I practically ignored all the other samples and picked her straight away. I really appreciated how she paid close attention to the detail and helped me make my ideas flow easier on the paper. Although I added some more chapters after we left off, I tried to make sure that it was consistent with what she'd shown me already. And if not - my bad!


Jenkins Group &

Combined Book Exhibit

Jenkins Group (Andrew & Rachael) & Combined Book Exhibit (Peter) - thanks for helping me with my advertising campaign and book shows. Another huge learning curve for me and I appreciate your help.


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