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Book 1 of the Houkura Series. Paperback comes with complimentary bookmark.


In this first novel in the Houkura Series, author Sabrina deSouza takes readers on a fascinating trip to an alien planet where magic, conspiracy, and a mysterious illness intertwine to create a moral dilemma for the book's main characters.


As the book opens, seventeen-year-old Tarheen, the protagonist in this sci-fi adventure, is at home with his mother. But his desire to explore the extent of his magic abilities leads him to an encounter with a traveling magi and to serious consequences that are more than a teenager can handle. deSouza's writing style keeps the reader moving along, and the illustrations help portray the alien world of Houkura.


The Catarbie Conspiracy also includes plenty of twists and turns that will keep both teens and adult fans reading on and waiting for Book II in this dynamic new series of adventure and self-discovery.

The Catarbie Conspiracy (paperback)

AU$10.00 Regular Price
AU$9.00Sale Price
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