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Krystal Kitchen

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Rochelle deSouza

Owner/Designer:        Collaborator:

Don't dilly-dally with all those other apps that make you pay for every extra feature! Krystal Kitchen offers all these features in one package:

* Create your own recipes and upload photos for a professional finishing touch.

* Download / create additional recipe packages in blocks of 10.
* Rate your recipes and filter out favourites.
* Add missing ingredients to a shopping list for you, or email the list to a friend if you're still cooking.

* Add your own tip(s) and glossary(s).

* Schedule a Meal / Party Plan and email your Party Invitation directly from Krystal Kitchen to your guests.
* Record personalised alarms using your own voice to remind you while cooking your perfect meal(s)!

* You can even save all your secret family recipes within Krystal Kitchen and share them with your friends ... if you want to.


We hope you enjoy our concept of the mobile recipe book that you can take with you anywhere.


Please feel free to share your experience with your friends and family and stay tuned for any new updates.


Only available for Android mobile / tablet.

Introducing the new Krystal Kitchen mobile personalised recipe book!

Sabrina deSouza

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